Mural & Public Art Program

By integrating artwork into public settings we are simultaneously enriching people’s daily lives, and giving voice to local artists.  It is our goal to visually define West Broadway as a cultural centre for innovation and creativity. Murals have proven to reduce incidence of graffiti while creating a safer environment with a greater sense of pride and community spirit. Take a stroll through the neighbourhood and you are sure to spot the newest collection of vibrant murals. All projects were partnerships with various organizations and the West Broadway BIZ. A huge thank you goes out to the business owners who provided these most recent locations, Food Fare, Halal Meat Centre, The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, Epic Information Systems, the former Precision Camera Repair, The Nook, and Pal’s Grocery. If you are a property owner or business owner in West Broadway and would like a mural, let us know! Call or email the BIZ at 204-779-4100 or [email protected]

food fare mural banner

Mural on Food Fare, 115 Maryland Street

A decadent theme, full of fruits, beautiful landscapes, gorgeous people, and vibrant colours.  If you look close you will see our grapevine sphere lights incorporated into the mural.

By Local Artist Michel St. Hilaire

halal mural banner

The Souk,  206 Maryland Street

The initial concept for the mural on the Halal Meat Centre building was meant to be a forest and stream landscape. Yusuf Abdulrehman, the owner of Halal Meat Centre, wanted something that reflected both his culture, and the culture of so many other Winnipeggers. He collected a variety of images of Middle Eastern markets, mosques and minarets, oriental artwork, and a few photos of his hometown, Stone Town Zanzibar. The original artist, Mike Valcourt, was able to weave together these images into a large two-storey mural. In the old mural, was a hidden alleyway with a mosque that Abdulrehman used to attend in Zanzibar as a child. About 12 years later, the mural was due for an update, and artist and painter Michel St. Hilaire offered his own spin on the Middle Eastern market scene. He used much of his memories from travels to Spain, and visits to their markets with Moorish histories, to complete the current day mural. The result is a striking, vibrant, and colorful market-scape. If you look closely, you’ll still see the influence of Zanzibar, as Michel has tucked in a typical Zanzibari door, in the background. The mural and the store, have managed to bring the flavour of the exotic Middle East to the middle of West Broadway, in the heart of Winnipeg.

Original Artist Michael Valcourt

Update By Local Artist Michel St. Hilaire

bnc banner mural

Mural at The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, 185 Young Street

Images from the work in progress of the complete wrap around mural on the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre’s garage. This completed project is awesome, and worth a trip down to see it!

Artist Kiam Mural Art


Taking Flight, 167 Sherbrook Street

Painted in a surrealistic style, the scene is of our great prairies on which we witness the construction of diverse bridges and roads that seem to be building themselves.  A tumultuous and dramatic band of clouds roll by over various fields.  Diverse seasons and a mix of terrain are depicted throughout the mural. A female figure emerges from one of the roads, symbolizing the human spirit, souring through the sky for new ideas and shooting ahead towards new destinations.  She is painted in an art deco style, similar to the classic car emblems, and she holds a large sphere symbolic of a seed in which holds a new thought or an inspiration.

By Local Artist Michel St. Hilaire

Sponsored by The West Broadway BIZ & Epic Information Systems & Take Pride Winnipeg


Land in Motion, 70 Sherbrook Street

Our landscape is forever changed around us with the birth and migration to urban landscapes.  We don’t have to go far in our province to see these effects.   Also conveyed are some unhealthy qualities that science and humanity bring when creating their world.  Some of the mural traits demonstrate a toxicity that is present in the environment, symbolized by the interlacing of the linear patterns, odd geometric shapes and odd colours that form in the skies.  This can describe many modern attributes, such as the chemicals in our environment, noise, and light… Yet there is a sense of a harmony unfolding within these same geometric shapes, as we move forward on the landscape.  This is most evident when looking at the back of the building, an aerial view of a cityscape is portrayed.  The wide range of twinkling coloured lights at dusk seem almost magical, a positive aspect of the illustration, showing the beauty that we can accomplish when we connect.

By Local Artist Michel St. Hilaire

Sponsored by The West Broadway BIZ & Precision Camera Repair


A Look At The Nook, 43 Sherbrook Street

A bright historical look at the Nook through the years, a fitting spot for this mural, The Nook Diner has been a West Broadway and Winnipeg favourite for over 25 years! Inspired by the past, this mural showcases the rich history of Sherbrook Street and the former businesses at that location, such as The Queens Tea Room and the Salisbury House. Mr. & Mrs. Parasidis purchased the restaurant in the mid 80’s from the Alba twins. Their children Bill and Athina now run the restaurant, and the goal of muralist Sarah Collard was to recreate the past based on historical photos Bill and Athina had given her.  Most were taken in the 1940’s and 50’s and were excellent depictions of the black and white era.

By Muralist Sarah Collard

Sponsored by The Nook Diner, Take Pride Winnipeg, The Richardson Foundation & The Winnipeg Foundation


Medicine Wheel Mural, 619 Broadway

A magical morale boost for the entire West Broadway Neighbourhood! This unique mural was produced in partnership with Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art, through a mentorship program with artist Jackie Traverse & two teenage mentees, Leah-Marie and Jenna. Jackie had previously led a very successful mixed media painting workshop at Art City based on the Seven Sacred Teachings.  Jackie, Leah, and Jenna produced a sketch for this “Medicine Wheel Mural”. The concept was a mural full of Aboriginal imagery, including a giant medicine wheel made out of grandfather stones and the animals from the Seven Sacred Teachings. More than 100 community members participated in the Art City workshops, painting more than 100 individual panels to create this mural.

By Artist Jackie Traverse in collaboration with Art City

Sponsored by Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Art City, Pal’s Grocery, & The West Broadway BIZ

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