Sherbrook Bike Lane


Sherbrook’s Protected Bicycle Lane

There was a small victory for those pushing for a more livable community last summer when the City unveiled its first ever parking-protected bike lane. While just three blocks long, this forward-looking facility has transformed what for many used to be a fairly scary ride North on Sherbrook Street into a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience! Due to the narrowing street width of Sherbrook heading north, the bike lane loses its parking protected aspect North of Broadway, but we do still maintain a dedicated bike lane the rest of the way.

Like all new things, (roundabouts come to mind) there is of course a learning curve. Whether you take the bus, drive, unicycle or moonwalk to get around, here are some handy tips on how to stay safe and remain courteous of all users as you pass through or visit destinations along Sherbrook Street.

Bicyclists approaching a transit platform should treat the crossing to the transit platform as a crosswalk – you must yield to any pedestrians crossing to or from the transit platform.

Motorists are permitted to park next to the protected bike lane at all times (except during snow bans), but only between the traffic islands. Please do not encroach on the painted buffer (where the bollards are located). Doing so blocks the bike lane, restricts sightlines, and puts people on bikes at risk of having a door open into their pathway. Remember to expect moving traffic on both the driver and passenger side as you exit your vehicle. Above all, do not park or stop in the bike lane. You may be towed for doing so.

Transit Users should keep clear of the bike lane. Cross to and from the transit platform only where ramps are provided. Although bicycles should only be travelling with traffic, check both ways before crossing to or from the transit platform just in case.

Bicyclists making a left turn from the protected bike lane (say onto Westminster or Broadway) will want to perform a two-stage left turn. Keep in the bike lane as you approach the cross road and proceed through the intersection on your green signal (where traffic signals are present). Stop in the middle of the cross street’s through lane or curb lane, and wait in front of the bike lane for a green light (or appropriate gap in traffic if waiting at a stop sign) to continue west. The parking lane and traffic islands will provide refuge from oncoming traffic on Sherbrook.

Cab drivers and delivery vehicles should only stop or park in the parking lane to the left of the bicycle lane and buffer. Stopping or parking in the bike lane is prohibited, not even for a second!

Motorists should not park in the bike lane. Towing will be strictly enforced.

Pedestrians should only cross the street at intersections. If you need to cross the protected bike lane to access a parked vehicle, look both ways and yield to bike traffic. Walking in the bicycle lane is prohibited.

Motorists turning right off of Sherbrook need to signal, check for cyclists on their right and wait for any approaching cyclists to pass by before crossing over the bike lane. Some cyclists move pretty fast, so if in doubt wait for the cyclist to pass before moving to the right. Only pass through the bike lane where it is marked with a dashed white line.

Bicyclists exiting the protected bike lane as it approaches Broadway should perform a shoulder check to ensure there are no vehicles merging right before signalling and merging left onto the painted bike lane. Shoulder check again after signalling and try to make eye contact with any vehicle to your left.

Pedestrians waiting to cross at an intersection should remain on the sidewalk. Remember to watch for people on bikes as you pass the traffic islands, and please refrain from lingering in the bike lane.

Bicyclists need to be aware of the potential for right-turning traffic to cross the bike lane at driveways, alleyways and side streets. Shoulder check to your left as you pass through these conflict zones. Try to make eye contact with any vehicle on your left.

Motorists making a right turn onto Sherbrook Street should remain behind the bike lane and wait until they have a green light or appropriate gap in traffic before proceeding onto Sherbrook Street. Be sure to check for both bicycle traffic in the bike lane and motor traffic before proceeding.

Transit Drivers moving into or out of the bus congregation zone between Broadway and Portage or into or out of the bike lane at transit stops should check for cyclists in the bike lane, allowing them to pass before crossing over the bike lane.

Disabled users may need to use the bike lane to access parking or transit platforms. All users should respect this need. The City is currently reviewing accessibility issues for disabled people.

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