Through the various committees led by Board members, the BIZ is pleased to be able to run a variety of programs addressing safety, beautification, storefront & safety improvements, graffiti removal, grants, marketing & promotion, planting packages and so much more. All business members are welcome to take part in these programs, whether it be sitting on a committee, applying for grants, or participating in the free graffiti removal. Go ahead and take advantage of all we have to offer to our members!

Currently the BIZ has four committees:


Our dedicated and hardworking Streetscaping Committee meets regularly and has primary responsibility for the summer planting program which supplies all the flowers in planters and hanging baskets along Sherbrook, Broadway and Maryland. Banners, street lighting and the tree lights also fall under the scope of this committee. We continue  to address the priorities from the streetscape renewal master plan document for the area. Check out the revamped storefront improvement program! View the brochure. Download the storefront improvement grant application.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for annual publications, including the 2017 West Broadway walking map. Many thanks to all the businesses, organizations and politicians who fund this initiative by taking out advertising each year. This committee also oversees the website and any other advertising, events, and promotional efforts taken on by the BIZ each year.

Committee of Urban Thinking

New to the board, the Committee of Urban Thinking looks at issues relating to policy regarding development, land use, traffic, parking, and active transportation. The goal of this committee is to have all facets of the community working in harmony for the betterment of all who live and work here.


Stefan Hodges works as a safety outreach worker for West Broadway. Currently he is working to develop a Bear Clan Chapter for the area. He is also running a series of workshops on various safety topics, and conducting safety audits, to learn more or to have a safety audit conducted at your premises, please contact Stefan Hodges, Safety Outreach Coordinator for the WBCO at 774-7201 ext. 4 or email him at: [email protected]

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