West Broadway Living

A neighbourhood rich in history, culture, and diversity, West Broadway is a bohemian neighbourhood waiting for you! Nestled between Winnipeg's downtown and the Wolseley area, West Broadway features two bustling commercial streets, of unique and independently owned restaurants, cafes, boutiques and salons, a far cry from the world of fast food and big box stores. Down Broadway, Sherbrook and Maryland you will find some of Winnipeg's best food, fashion, services and entertainment. Whether it's just for the day or for a lifetime, all are welcome in West Broadway, it's a great place to live, work and play.

Living in West Broadway offers the convenience of an edgy urban lifestyle as soon as you step outside your door! We are home to nearly 20 restaurants, numerous small and large grocers, an abundance of upscale salons, and a few specialty retail shops. Conveniently located just a ten minute walk from the downtown, it is easy to live car free in West Broadway.

The face of West Broadway has changed significantly since its streets first homes were built in the 1800’s. In the recent past the decline of the inner city and the growth of the suburbs contributed to the depreciation and in some cases demolition of many heritage buildings in West Broadway. Nowadays, this neighbourhood is undergoing a new cycle of life. The transformation of this area has grown organically, and the vibrancy can be directly attributed to the economic diversity surrounding us and slowly moving in. With the recent addition of young professionals, new families, large and local IT company Epic Information Solutions, and trendy independent businesses like Boon Burger Café, we are seeing a further reinforcement of the residential and commercial diversity of this neighbourhood. Sherbrook Street itself has been called an unheralded urban success story in our city and a shining example of a healthy mixed-income community.

You will find an array of community gardens and compost sites, free drop in art programs, year round community programming for children, murals, fun filled events and more. Come and explore West Broadway and discover why we are the heart of the City.














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