Community Cleaners Program

A partnership between the West Broadway BIZ, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY) and the West Broadway Community Organization, this program has been a great success in cleaning up litter in our back lanes, calling in bulky waste, over flowing bins and removing posters from our lights standards. Since its inception this program has increased from one to two shifts per week and has offered at risk youth an opportunity to earn an income, gain work experience, and beautify our area.

The average garbage pick-up per week is 6-8 garbage bags. This means our program is removing approximately 30+ bags of garbage every month from our community spaces. We have received a lot of positive feedback from businesses and residents about this work and plan to continue this project each fall.


After the dumpster renewal project, the coordinator and the cleaners spray painted decals on the autobins. These decals encouraged community members to call 311 to pick up their bulk waste and discouraged illegal dumping.

In the past six months, the Community Cleaners have reported over 700 bulk waste items to 311 to be removed from our back lanes and reported nearly 50 graffiti tags for removal by the Tag Team. The Cleaners have also been delivering graffiti waivers throughout West Broadway. To date, hundreds of homes and businesses have received information on the graffiti removal service.

Upcoming Projects

  • Old Poster Removal from City Light Standards
  • Spring Cleaning Sweep of West Broadway

Many thanks to our partners on this program!

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